Multi-Room Video

House AV are smart home specialists. One popular service that we get asked for is ‘multi-room video’. Often, just having a great cinema room isn’t enough – these days entertainment can be found in most rooms in the house. So, what is multi-room video, and what are the benefits?

What is Multi-Room Video?

Multi-room video describes the ability to control all of your TV screens or all of the video on your smart devices from one single control and one single system. So, you can have the same video streamed across multiple devices if, for example, you are throwing a house party. Or, have every room with a different video. It all works together in perfect harmony!

These days, most homes have multiple TV screens each with their own remote control and proprietary system. One of the benefits of multi-room video is that you can dispense with all of those remotes, and consolidate behind one control and one piece of software for everything. And, since this system (for example Control4) is the same as you will use for all of your other smart home applications, there’s nothing new to learn!

Why Would I Want Multi-Room Video?

There are many reasons why multi-room video will enhance your experience; here are just some of those:

Never miss a moment of that film or box set as you move around the house.

Pause in one room, and pick it up in another seamlessly.

Control all of your screen through one brilliant interface.

Turn off all your screens from one device, ensuring you are not using energy unnecessarily.

Move away from having a different remote for each device, and having to learn how they all work.

See who’s at the door on any screen in the house.

Declutter your cables by having everything installed at once.

Share your movie library in every room.

Future-proof with Control4: As technology progresses, you can be confident that the system will evolve too.



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