Smart Home Lighting Systems

No Smart Home is complete without smart lighting. Whether you are in an apartment or a country pile, convenience is everything and smart lighting is the ultimate in convenience! Lighting your home in the 21st Century is more than just being able to navigate from one room to another. It is about atmosphere, energy saving and setting the mood.

What is Smart Lighting?

The phrase ‘smart lighting’ refers to a domestic lighting system that is controlled by an app on your mobile phone and brings all the benefits of a digital system to your home.

Mockupancy™ By Control4

House-AV are official partners of Control4 – one of the world’s leading smart home suppliers. Control4 have devised a security system – Mockupancy™ – which is able to replicate occupancy inside your home whilst you are away.

The Mockupancy setting will synchronise your smart devices such as blinds, curtains and lights to turn on and off, thus giving the impression that you are at home. And, if your security system is triggered, the internal lights will flash on and off as well to warn off any unwanted intruders.

Get Creative!

Investing in a smart lighting system means that you can really get creative with your lighting choices. From discreet under-shelf lighting in the living room, to starlight effects in the bathroom…or atmospheric lighting in the garden, all of these options are available and can be controlled from a single app.

Curtains & Blinds

Whilst not specifically lighting, a big part of making your house a home is through dressing your windows. A Control4 system can integrate with curtains and blinds so that they automatically open and close according to a pre-programmed schedule.



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