Smart Security Systems

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is the single most important thing to most people when it comes to smart homes. The good news is that security systems have come on in leaps and bounds due to the advent of the smart home. Having systems in your home managed ‘online’ means that security can be much more personalised than ever, with a number of features built in to improve safety and convenience.

There are a number of components that can make up a smart security system. These include external and internal cameras, smart doorbells, locks and alarms. You can also tie-in your fire alarms and smoke alarms to provide you with instant notification of any problems. All of these components can be integrated into one controller for complete convenience and peace of mind.


What is Smart Security?

Smart Security means that the main security elements in your house are all combined into your smart home controller. It means that you can be assured of the security of your home whether you are in or out. It also means that your home will be able to secure vulnerable occupants much more effectively.


There are a number of features of smart security that go beyond a simple house alarm:

Sync your mobile phone to a camera on your doorbell…or your CCTV…so you can tell who is at the door

Incorporate your security system with your lights, curtains and AV system as part of a Mockupancy™ system that mimics occupancy of your house whilst you are actually away

Receive alerts whenever someone has entered your house…and see what is happening by logging onto cameras inside

Never miss a delivery again! Operate your doors or gates remotely if you cannot get there on time…or if you are not at home

Ensure that all locks are active…no more worrying about whether you locked the garage door whilst you are on holiday!

Prioritise alerts depending on what is happening. Find out if it’s just the kids coming home from school…or whether an unscheduled visit is taking place

If you are away from home but are still expecting a visitor, have peace of mind that your house has been secured after they have been

A video doorbell means that you can speak to people at your gate or door even if you are not on site!

Separate your home into a number of zones so that an alarm isn’t activated by a hungry cat or dog!



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