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We understand that the performance of your Wi-Fi and network is integral to your smart home experience, which is why we are available to consult on all of your Wi-Fi and networking questions

Wifi & Networking: An Overview

Smart Homes are by definition connected to your broadband internet. Therefore, the better the connection and equipment, the better your smart services will perform.Think of your network connection and its hubs as being a motorway. The more lanes you have, the less likely there is to be a traffic jam…or slow internet.


When you count up the number of different devices around your home you will quickly begin to realise how much you are relying on having great connectivity!


The main constituent elements of home Wi-Fi are as follows:

​Your broadband connection which will be supplied into your home by your utilities provider. Your provider will probably have a number of options for you, depending on their performance. It goes without saying that a smart home owner should consider the best connection possible to ensure maximum performance, minimum outage and greatest future-proofing as more and more devices come online.


A wireless router, which is also known as a Wireless LAN (or WLAN) is the key piece of hardware on your home network. It is the single point from which all of your smart devices will connect. This connection can be wired or wireless to your devices. The performance of your router will diminish the further away from your device it is, so it pays to have a better router if you have a larger house or a large number of devices. As with your connection, routers are available in different specifications. The standard type provided by your utilities provider are usually low performance, and can be upgraded for a fairly small investment.


You may also have Wi-Fi power adaptors. These are ‘boosters’ which plug into your wall, and use the electrical cabling around your house to boost the signal into more remote rooms.

​House AV are fully qualified electrical engineers with an abundance of smart home experience too. So, we are able to provide the perfect match of Wi-Fi and networking solutions to meet the needs of your smart home. If you are concerned about the performance of your Wi-Fi and network, then get in touch and we can offer some advice on how you can improve the performance.



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